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b2evolution plugin installation Tutorial

You can extend your b2evolution blog with plugins, plugins are mostly contributed by the users for adding a special piece of task to the core system. You should understand that due to the nature of volunteer work, there may be a chance that the plugin contributor stop supporting the code after sometime, therefore it is a good practice to do some research on the official site for the popularity of the selected plugin, how responsive is the contributor towards bug fixes and new releases etc. before installing it into your live b2evolution blog.

Installing a b2evolution plugin is a fairly easy task, you can follow steps below to install one within minutes :-

  1. Visit the official plugin site and of your choice, be sure to check the popularity of the plugin as well as compatibility issue with your current b2evolution version
  2. Uncompress the file and read through any readme file in it to understand the process of getting it installed or any other issues that you should take note of, certain plugins may require extra or different steps to get it installed
  3. FTP upload the expanded folder to your hosting account and place it in the plugin folder in your b2evolution core program folder
  4. Open up your browser and login to your b2evolution administration scree, click into App Settings tab and look for your newly uploaded plugin in the Available Plugins listing
  5. click install to install the plugin
  6. There may be additional steps to configure the newly installed plugin depending on individual plugin requirements
  7. Done