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b2evolution installation Tutorial

Installing b2evolution is not a difficult task, you can follow steps below to get your b2evolution blog up in just minutes.

Prepare hosting account

b2evolution requires PHP and a mysql database to function, before starting the b2evolution installation program, you should first create a mysql database in your hosting account and write down the database connection information, you will need it in the installation process later :-

Database host: localhost
Database username: myacctusr_dbuser
Database Password: password_set_for_myacctusr_dbuser
Database name: myacctusr_dbname

Preparing b2evolution files

After getting the mysql database ready, you can start preparing the b2evolution files :-

  1. visit b2evolution official website and download the latest stable release
  2. uncompress the file in your computer and go through the readme / index file in it, it is important that you know exactly what the program will do and if there is any special note to be taken for the installation
  3. FTP upload the expanded folder to your hosting account, place it in the appropriate folder depending on how you wish to access this new b2evolution blog :-

    public_html - place all the files and folder in the 'blogs' folder in the expanded folder into this web root folder if you want to access your b2evolution blog by entering http://www.yourdomain.com/

    public_html/b2evo/ - place all the files and folders in the 'blogs' folder in the expanded folder in a subfolder below the web root folder if you want to access b2evolution blog by entering http://www.yourdomain.com/b2evo/

  4. After placing the files properly, you are required to set permissions for some files and folders before the actual installation, this is required for the installation process to write to these files and folders, below are folders and files within the b2evolution program folder :-

    • /blogs/conf/_basic_config.php chmod 666
    • /blogs chmod 777
    • /blogs/media chmod 777
    • mkdir /blogs/media/blogs and then chmod 777 /blogs/media/blogs
    • /blogs/skins/custom/*.* chmod 666
    • /blogs/skins/custom/img chmod 755.

Running the installation script

When MySQL database is created and b2evolution files are uploaded with proper permissions set, you can start running the b2evolution installation script :-

  1. open up your browser and enter the URL to the install folder in the b2evolution program folder, i.e. http://www.yourdomain.com/b2evo/install/
  2. b2evolution installation process is now started and you are prompted for the database connection information, enter the database connection information you have written down earlier in the screen and let the rest as default, click Update to save the the information to the config.php file
  3. In the next screen, select New Installation and click Go
  4. b2evolution installation will now create the tables in the MySQL database and populate some sample blogs and posts in it
  5. NOTE: read through the message on screen and write down the login and password, you will need this info later on to access your new b2evolution blog, you can change this login info later on after login to the system
  6. click login link at the bottom of the page to return to the login screen, enter the login info you have just written down in previous step to login to the backoffice of your new b2evolution blog
  7. Done !

After installation

After a successful installation, you should immediately reset file permission for file /blogs/conf/_basic_config.php chmod 644 , this is to avoid any security risk.

You can rename the /blogs/sample.htaccess to /blogs/.htaccess if you want to have a more search engine friendly URLs for your blog.