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b2evolution blog Tutorial

b2evolution hacks considerations

Upgrading b2evolution is not that difficult if you have not implemented any hacks, that means you have not follow any b2evolution hacks to modified the core programs to implement new features, if you do have such hacks implemented, then you will need to go through the process of modifying the script once more after the core program upgrade.

Please double check the hacks that you have followed if they still work in new version, or you need a new hack, this is very important as you are touching the core program code, any incompatible codes entered in it may render the whole program to fail.

b2evolution plugins considerations

Same goes with the b2evolution plugins, if you do have plugins installed, you will need to re-install them again after the b2evolution core program upgrade, but plugins are slightly different than hacks, there is a special folder 'plugin' in the b2evolution program folder for all the plugins, and it does not modify the core program files like hacks does. Therefore, saving time and less chances of getting errors in an upgrade.

Please take note that you should first double check on each of the plugin compatibility with the new version before attempting to upgrade the core program.

b2evolutions custom theme considerations

Please also take note that different version of b2evolution may implement new features, and if you are using a custom third party theme, be sure to check out the theme compatibility with the new b2evolution version as there may need to make adjustments to fully work in a new core program.

Prepare for upgrade

If you have ensure all the hacks, plugins and theme is ready for the new b2evolution, you can start preparing for the upgrade.

Backup mysql database and program folder

First step and the most important step is to backup your mysql database and b2evolution program folder, so that you can have a restore point if anything goes wrong during the upgrade. If you skip this step, you are putting yourself in risk of losing your entire website.

Prepare b2evolution files

After making the important backups, you can work on the new b2evolution files, please note that at this stage, you should disallow your website from visitors so that the upgrade process is not interrupted :-

  1. Download the latest b2evolution file from the official site
  2. Uncompress the file and go through the readme file in it thoroughly, there may be special instructions needed to upgrade from your current version to this new version, you must go through the file in detail to ensure you have not missed any important steps.
  3. After understanding the upgrade process, FTP upload the entire file and folders in the 'blogs' folder in the expanded folder to your hosting account, and replace the current b2evolution program folder. A simple way to do this, you can first rename the current b2evolution program folder to another name, then upload the entire 'blogs' folder folder to the hosting account and place it at the same location of the folder just renamed, and name it as the folder that was renamed.
  4. check through all the folder and file permissions to ensure they are properly set (see for the proper permissions for specific folder and files)

Running the upgrade

After preparing the files and check through the permissions, you can start running the upgrade script, it is actually the same as the installation process, but slightly different depending on the version, if it is a major version upgrade, the upgrade may need to make some modification to the database, if it is a minor upgrade, only the files are changed but database is untouch, you don't have to worry too much as the upgrade script will take care of it for you :-

  1. Open up your browser and enter the url to the install folder of the new b2evolution program folder, i.e. http://www.yourdomain.com/b2evo/install/
  2. The process started by requesting your database connection info, enter the SAME database connection info of the b2evolution website that you are upgrading, new b2evolution will need to connect to the db to make modification if needed, and to reuse the data in it after the upgrade, if you are unsure of the name, check back the config file /conf/_basic_config.php in your b2evolution backup for the exact database connection info. Be sure not to enter a new database otherwise the script will treat it as a new install and you ended up with a new b2evolution website>
  3. the script will allow you to choose which version you are upgrading to and it will upgrade the database accordingly, be sure you select the proper version otherwise you risk corrupting the database, if you are unsure, go back to the upgrade notes available in the compressed file or visit the official website for details. If you are performing a minor upgrade, there is no changes to the mysql database.
  4. Done

After upgrade

After core b2evolution program upgrade, you should remove the install folder and reset the file permissions as stated in the installation guide to protect your website.

Also, you can start install the plugins and hacks if you have them before. After all the installation, double check the new upgraded site thoroughly to ensure everything is functioning properly.