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How to create a blog ?

Creating a blog requires a program and there are many blog software that can help you to do that, some of them requires a paid license and there are other program released under GPL open source license, which is free to download and use. The more popular open source blogging program are wordpress, drupal, mambo, Joomla. Each of them provide the blogging functionality as well as other extended features that can cater for individual needs.

Generally there are two possible ways to create a blog, you can get a free blog created from popular free blog providers like Blogger.com, Typepad.com, Livejournal.com, Wordpress.com and many more. The other way to create a blog is to go through the DIY process, that is signup a hosting account with an honest hosting provider, download and install the preferred blog software, a unique theme and several plugins to enhance the features of your blog. There are indeed some difference between the two approaches, you can compare free blog host and paid blog hosting to get a better idea of what to expect on each of them before jumping into it.

For your general knowledge, We have prepared Wordpress Tutorial, Drupal Tutorial, Joomla Tutorial, Mambo Tutorial to help you quickly pickup an idea of each of the program, as well as quick manual installation guide for each individual blog program to help you create a blog in your hosting account. If you find it too complicated to go through the manual installation guide, just drop a note to our helpdesk and we will install the blog program for you. (that's what we call friendly web hosting service) ;-)