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22 Steps on how to create a Good website

With so many tools available today, building a website is not as difficult as the old days, but creating a website and building a good website are two different thing, you may have heard of success stories of friends' website being so popular on the internet, and yet many other sad stories about friends' website not getting any visitors. Why is that so ? why aren't those websites getting the kind of responses like the others ? Well, this is the difference between a good and bad website, a good website offer what visitors are looking for, a bad website may have failed with many reasons but generally lack of what the visitors wanted.

A good website that offer what the visitors wanted makes the visitor happy and will return when they needed the stuff on your website again, and more importantly they will tell their friends about it (sound familiar ? I bet you have been telling your friends about a website you have found out lately ?), that is free viral marketing and you do not have to pay anything, just offer honest content on your website and pay attention to what your visitors are looking for, and eventually you will be rewarded sweetly.

Dotservant.com website hosting services has been offering friendly and professional web hosting services since 2000 and we have prepared and summarized 22 steps on how to create a good website that pays long term, these tips are not just general tips, they are gathered from various experience and reputable webmasters that is currently enjoying their success online, go through them and apply to your current or new website and you will see the difference in time.

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