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Build web pages for referral !

There is gold mine in the web stats referral log ! You can obtain lots of information from reading the referral keyword / key phrases log, information like :-

which page receive the most attention ?
what keyword / key phrases are finding my web pages ?

That signal you should carefully study the page to see if there is anything not covered and include them as needed, the more covered the more chances the web page will be mentioned by the visitors to their friends.

Study further of the keyword / key phrases in the referral log, if you are getting traffic to the web page with the correct keyword / key phrases, which means web page theme and referral key phrases matches, that is good news ! that means you have your web page information delivered to the right targeted audience. If you are not seeing direct matches but related key phrases, that signals that visitors are finding something else that is not covered in this web page, and you may have to create new web pages to serve those requests.

Keep repeating this process of checking referral log and create new web page will gain yourself a solid website that covers all needed information for serving your targeted audience. By having such a solid website, who can say your website is not a good website ?

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