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Domain name and brand building

Domain name is important ! Why ? because it carries the task of giving the first impression of your website to your potential customers, you should always think of it as important as giving a name to your company, or a brand name to a new product. The concept of choosing a domain name is similar to selecting a good brand name, it must be catchy, easy to remember and carry the message of the product across to the public.

Therefore, be extra careful in selecting your domain name, as a good name is going to help a lot in the brand building process, you don't want to find out half-way in your marketing process that the domain name is not fitting into your website future direction and need to consider changing to another domain name, this change is going to cost you a lot in the brand rebuilding process, as well as re-training your returning visitors to learn about the new domain name.

We have another article on how to choose a good domain name with a little more extra on the process, as well as other articles related to domain name, feel free to check out.

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