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Find and build your website theme

After going through the previous article, now you have a general concept of building core content and related content for your website, in fact with this concept in mind, you are already having a good 'theme' for your website. In order to help search engines understand your website theme better, you can actually use the words or phrases that these human generated machine codes use to categorise your type of website. Bare in mind, we are not going to flood the entire website with these words of phrases, but use them naturally in the paragraphs. This is important because search engines can get pits-off and throw you out of the index. On the other hand, I am sure your website visitors would not feel comfortable reading your web pages if there are too many repeated words or phrases.

You can use the keyword suggestion tool in google adsense or the similar tool in yahoo search marketing, enter the most commonly used word of your website and let the tool produce a list of the words and phrases that the search engines believe is related to the word entered. Use these words naturally in your web pages and this will enable the search engines to understand better of your website overall theme and categorise your website accordingly.

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