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Forget about search engine !

Yes, forget about building websites just for search engines, remember the basic ? build your website for your visitors

Search engines like google/yahoo are just tools to help human find their needed info, it is a bridge between you and your visitors, not your audience. Ultimately, all you want is the visitors and rather than spending all your time trying to find the tricks to break the tool, you should spend more time developing your website content to please your website visitors. You might get lucky to find a trick to get to top position, but with such frequent changes being applied by the search engines to battle artificial manipulation of their search results, your temporary success will not hold long and your quest for another trick goes on and on, you become to tired and your website is not updated and regular visitors become bored and left you. In the quest for the ultimate trick to the top, you are actually killing your website slowly.

Winning a heart of a human is a totally different story, nothing can take away somebody's memory unless the person decides to forget it, and the more happy the person is, it is likely that he/she will share that with others, and if the source of happiness is originating from getting the desired info from your website, well, your website will likely to be mentioned in the conversations and out of curiosity, these people might check out your website when they get home. Bare in mind that this is free traffic and it will multiply quickly if more and more human are getting the same kind of satisfaction from your website.

All we need is to prepare the website in a way that search engines do not find it difficult to locate all the information in your web pages, and that is enough.

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