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Make sure no web page not linked

We have covered topics on navigation structure, categorise your web pages, linking out practice and internal cross links. All of them are focusing on creating a tightly inter-linked, well themed website, where the main objective is to help visitors locate information web pages quick and easy.

In a large website, where there tends to be more than one person involving in the website development and content publishing, there are chances of some web pages created but left unlink, and we call these pages as orphan pages, which means there are no other pages referencing these pages and they are left alone. Is it good to have orphan pages in a website ? definitely no, this basically means that information in these orphan web pages are hidden from the website visitors, why ? because website visitors follow links in web pages to reach other web pages within the website, if a web page is not linked from any other web pages, basically nobody except the web page author will know it's existence. Therefore, be sure to always check that all your web pages in your website are well inter-linked.

Another common mistake is web page named entered wrongly in the links, this means the link is referencing a non-existing web page and that is bad for both readers and search engines.

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