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Things to consider when creating a web page

We have just learned in previous pages on overall website design where we should maintain a clean and simple website design, break long web pages into smaller pages and use commonly accepted HTML formats in the website. We will now focus on the on page considerations that are part of a good website design.

On page considerations are things that we should be aware of when creating a web page in a website, we know that a website is a collection of web pages and by having good web pages simply means that we are building a good website.

We have learned that we need to find and build a theme for our website, we need to do the same for each web page as well, remember finding related keywords and phrases ? These words can be mentioned in the web pages, once or twice in the HTML title tag, keyword tag, description tag and one or twice in the paragraphs. Try using mixture of core and related words in your text with a natural flow of language that does not interfere reader's comfort. Do not over do this as it will only hurt your web pages with no help at all.

A collection of web pages with core keywords and related key phrases mentioned in the proper location in each web pages creates a theme for this collection of web pages, and this can help search engines to understand better of the main topic you are trying to talk about in these web pages and can help the search engines to categorise them easier. Generally, we will put a collection of web pages in a subfolder for easy maintenance, this idea is welcome by search engines and you can practice this in your website as well.

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