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Planning and preparing website content

Ok, now you have an idea of building a good website, you can start planning for your website and decide the kind of content to provide in the website for your visitors, be prepare to add new content to your website on a regular basis, this is important to provide the 'freshness' feeling to your returning visitors. You can start by putting the core content and later expand the core content to cover everything about the core, and later extend to other subject that is related to the core and yet your visitors are interested in. You don't have to worry too much about running out of ideas, ideas can come from anywhere anytime (otherwise, how do you think newspaper columnists got their work done ?). If you are really stuck, ask around and your will be surprise of the things that you have yet to cover.

Perhaps you might be wondering, Hey ! I am not going to build an online magazine website and all I want is a small online shop, what can I write ? Well, have you been to Amazon's mega store lately to checkout comments on others on a movie or book before you decide to buy it ? Do you think those opinion is helping you in your purchasing process ? If the answer is 'yes', then would you think having similar info in your small online store can also help your store visitors in their purchases ?

Ok, that is just one way of 'adding free content', there are many other ideas that you can explore to enhance your store, just remember to put yourself in your visitors shoe and give an honest opinion about your own store, what kind of things that can help my visitors feel happier when purchasing at my store ? would having weekly gardening tips in the garden DIY section of your store helps ? weekly top 10 video games review in the video game store helps ? work along that line and you will have less chances to fail, asking your friends' opinion about your store is also a good way to enhance your store.

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