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Write quality content for reader, not yourself

Content is King ! yes, you might have heard of this if you have been to various webmaster forums, but not all content is good from the readers point of view, good content is where readers can learn or pick up something they are looking for after reading, bad content is nothing more than just a bunch of words that does not carry any points and is time wasting to read.

Writing is an art and not everyone is born to write good. You don't have to write in your web pages like a novel author, just use natural language and write things that reader will appreciate to read.If your web page is about orange, write points about orange that readers will like to read, for example :-

orange is a type of fruit and it is good for health etc. (ya..everybody knows that...boring )

orange is lucky fruit for Gemini (hmm? really ?...interesting)

something that will bring up the readers' inner curiosity and create the urge to complete the entire page, if the page content really hits the reader, it is likely the page will be shared with friends through bookmark, email etc., and this will earns you a few more visitors without you knowing.

Also, if there is a chance to put in your opinion in the paragraphs, please feel free to do so, with all these in mind you should have your web pages done appropriately.

Just remember, website visitors are visiting the web pages to look for information they are looking for, and your web pages should serve the information accurately to them, else if not less, give them a surprise by giving a little bit more than what they expected, your extra little effort can earn you a lot more free referral than you expected.

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