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Writing short paragraphs and include headers

Organisation of content in your web pages can be a major factor in getting your readers' attention to go through the pages, if the web page content is organised in a proper manner, readers will not feel reluctant to complete the entire page on the first glance.

Write in short paragraphs

Apart from writing in a natural flow of language, readers tend to feel reluctant to go through long paragraphs of text and long page of content, other than breaking your long pages to smaller pages, break your text in each small web page to short paragraphs. Readers will feel more comfortable to go through short paragraphs, and easier to absorb the points given in the short text.

Include header for each important section

Apart from short paragraphs, be sure to include a header for each important section or between main points in the web page, this is a good way to have a short break for readers to digest the paragraphs just read, as well as a good way to re-emphasis the main points within the page.

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