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Use a clean and simple web design

Everybody want their website to look impressive, but the common mistakes are websites are sometimes too pretty and loses the initial objective of the website. The primary function of a website is to present information to visitors in an organise manner, and to provide proper directions to other information area within the website. No doubt a good looking website can quickly catches a person's attention, but looking at the same heavy loaded web page over and over again (returning visitors) can sometimes be tiring.

A good website design is always clean and simple, not too heavy in graphics, no fancy font type and uses normal font size. Most commonly used font type, colour and size in daily letter writing is good in most cases.

Flash, Java, complicated graphics can be impressive but not really recommended unless really needed. Why ? simply because everybody is impatience and expect a web page to be displayed instantly, with all the heavy stuff in a web page, it can slow down a lot of the web page responses, you may have a fast broadband but there are still a lot of internet users on slow connections, and testing your website visitors' patience to wait for 5-10 seconds before seeing something happening on their browser is basically shutting the door to your website success.

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