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What is a good website ?

Before start building a website, you must understand the concept of a good website, what makes a website a good website, this is important as this is going to lay down a solid foundation for the future success of the website.

Put in my best work ?

You can have big plans for your website, putting in tons of your favorite graphics, videos, put a long cool flash intro movie that you have spent days building it. This is of course a great channel to show case your talent but have you wonder are these what your visitors wanted when they visit your website ? Let me ask you, have you been gotten frustrated on waiting for a web page to load up and run away from the website ? I bet many of us do experience that, and having a heavy page like that is consider shutting the door to visitors.

Build website for your visitors, not yourself

Remember, you are building website for your visitors, not for yourself. You must always put yourself in your visitors shoe and think of what I expect to get from this website, then build web pages exactly tailor for that expectation. If you are running out of ideas, ask your friends and see what they expect from the website, and then build web pages for that.

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