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Control Panel Guide

This guide serve as a quick reference to the general functions availabel in the control panel, for a detail usage of each of the function, please check out Cpanel guide.

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Control Panel Basics

There are three main components to the Control Panel:

Account Resources : This section allows you to see basic account information, such as your domain name, disk usage, bandwidth usage and other account status.

Account Information :Show your username, home path, cgi-bin path etc.

Account Management Tool : This section of the Control Panel lists all the options available.

Options are the tools and utilities which give you true control over your account and web pages. There is a large selection of options available in the Control Panel. The package to which you subscribe determines which of the options are accessible to you. The following table lists all of the possible options you may view in the Control Panel.

Add/Remove Email
Allow you to manage all aspects of your e-mail accounts, remove or create pop email accounts on your domain.
Default Email
Allow you to specify a default email address for receiving any system messages.
Auto Responders
Allow you to setup auto reply messages for email accounts created.
Block an Email
Allow you to specify to reject receiving messages from certain email addresses.
Allow you to specify a forward instruction for an email account to forward received messages to another email address.
Mailing Lists
Allow you to setup and manage mailing list.
Spam Assassin
Allow you to activate a spam filter.
Change Password
Allow you to change the password for login into the control panel, you should change this periodically to prevent unauthorized access, passwords should be in alpha-numeric with minimum six characters.
Sub Domains
Allow you to manage all sub domains in your account, depending on the hosting plan you have signup, you can setup sub domains to the limit allowed.
FTP Manager
Allow you to setup and manage ftp accounts in your hosting account.
Error Pages
You can setup custom error files for your website with this option. Custom error files are files to be displayed when visitors encounter error browsing through your website.
Web Protect
Allow you to setup secure or password protected folders in your hosting account, if you wish only certain users to have access to a particular folder, you can use this option to create the users and assign passwords on the particular folder, and then distribute the login info to the proper users.
Raw Access Logs
Allow you to download the compressed raw access log, you can then use other third party access log analyzer to analyze your website traffic.
Web/FTP Stats
A few simple website traffic analyzer for quick website traffic checking.
Backup entire account in standard unix tar compressed format, available for download.
SQL Database
Allow you to create and manage MySQL database in your account, depending on the hosting plan you have signup, you can create databases up to the limit allowed, assign user access to the databases, and manage the database through phpMyAdmin, a popular web based program for managing MySQL databases.
Frontpage Extensions
Allow you to install or remove FrontPage Extensions on your hosting account, installing the FrontPage Extensions will allow you to manage website directly from your PC's FrontPage program.
Sub domain Stats
Web stats for any sub domains you have setup in your hosting acocunt.
File Manager
A simple and windows explorer like file manager for maintaining files and folders in your hosting account, you can use it to change file permissions, upload/download one or two files, create/remove files or folders etc.
Chat Room
A simple cgi chat room for you to setup you own chat channel.
CGI center
Some commonly used free cgi scripts like counters, formmail, real-time clock, guest book etc., you can use these script freely in your web pages.
Interchange Shopping card
A simple pre-installed shopping cart.
A pre-installed popular forum program phpBB, allow you to setup a forum or BBS board in your website, a great way to building an online community for your website.
Agora Shopping cart
A simple pre-installed shopping cart.
Index Manager
A simple pre-installed local search engine program, allow you to setup a search option for your entire website.
Addon Scripts
A collection of popular free scripts.
Network Tools
A few simple network diagnostic tools such as traceroute, ping etc.
Cron Jobs
Allow you to setup scheduled jobs on the server, this option needs some degree of technical and Unix scripting knowledge, and should be handle with extreme care.
Mime Types
Allow you to setup additional MIME types, this option requires advance website building knowledge and should be handle with extreme care.
Apache Handles
Allow you to setup additional handlers on apache web server, this option requires advance website building knowledge and experience in maintaining apache web servers, this option should be handle with extreme care.
SSH Telnet
A Java based SSH telnet client, it allows you to have shell access on the server, permissions must be granted to access to this option.
Manage OpenPGP Keys
Allow you to setup PGP Keys for encrypted email messages.
Manage Redirects
Allow you to setup url redirects.
Mail Exchanges (MX Entry)
Allow you to change the mail server to elsewhere other than using the default local mail server. This option should be hadle with extreme care.
Hotlink Proctection
Allow you to setup a block on external unauthorized linking on your website content.
Parked Domains
Allow you to park additional domains to your hosting account.
Addon Domains
Allow you to setup additional domains in your hosting account.