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Avoid mistake in Domain Name Registration

Domain registration process is simple, all you need is a credit card and a internet browser and you can get a domain name registered within minutes. However, there are some common mistakes that people should be aware of when registering a domain name, this is important as a domain name is the identity of your website and loosing the online identity can caused severe damage to a business.

Register the domain name yourself

There are people prefer 'one-stop' service and push everything to a freelance web programmer/designer, there is likely to see no problem if you are paying promptly and the programmer/designer is delivering the job well initially. However, as time goes by, there can be anything to happen, you might have lost contact with the freelancer and your domain name is about to due for renewal. You can renew it because you are not the current owner of the domain name, you cannot request to transfer the domain to yourself because that requires the current owner to authorize the transfer.The only thing you can do is wait for the domain to expire and rush to register the domain name back yourself, you might need some luck to register it back, because once a domain name is expired, it is freely available to anybody that wants it. Also, when a domain name is expired, it is generally being reset pointing back to placeholder webpage with advertisements shown by the domain registration company, and all your email accounts on your domain will be de-activated automatically. Therefore, to protect yourself from all these, it is highly recommended to register the domain name yourself.

Avoid registering a trademarked domain name

Don't think that ridding on other people success can get yourself rich, there is no free lunch under the sun and everybody is working hard to be successful and they are paying attention on people that is violating their rights. You might get away for awhile but when you are caught in a trademark violation, you are not only loosing your online business instantly, caught in huge damage claim. So, be very careful when selecting a domain name to avoid being caught in all these when you are on the way to the success.

Be sure to renew your domain name on time

You are working real hard to beat your online competitors, search the entire internet for your targeted audience, calling all your suppliers bargaining for the lowest cost price so that you can have a much competitive pricing, but be sure you have not missed your domain renewal notice, you should always renew your domain on time to avoid loosing your business. Remember ? when a domain name expires, everything stop working.