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Link Domain Name to website

After you have registered a domain name, the new domain name will be available on the internet after 48-72 hours, the waiting period is needed for internet service providers around the world to pickup the new domain name in their respective domain name server update schedule, and the new domain will only be recognized by the internet service provider after it has pickup the domain name record from the root.

When the domain name is recognized on the internet, you can enter then enter the domain name in your web browser and it will be pulling up some web page, generally it will be a placeholder web page of your domain registration provider. Obviously, you want your domain to point to your own web pages instead of the placeholder web page, how do you do that ? well, first you should register a domain name hosting account, and follow the instructions given in your email after the signup to upload your web pages to the hosting account, once you have the web pages ready in your hosting account, you are ready to point your domain name to the hosting account so that anyone entering your domain name in the browser window, the web pages in your hosting account will be shown on the browser window. Now, visit your domain registration provider website, login to the domain manager (or whatever name it is called) with the username and password, and look for the change nameserver option, click into the option and change the nameserver pair to :-

primary nameserver : ns.dotservant.com
secondary nameserver: ns2.dotservant.com

Note: different web hosting provider may have different nameserver pair, so check with your web hosting provider for the correct info to enter here .

After successfully changing the nameserver pair, wait for 48-72 hours for internet service providers to pickup the changes, once the internet service provider has pickup the new domain record, the domain name is then recognized to be pointing to your hosting account setup on our server, anyone entering your domain name in the browser window will be seeing the web pages you have uploaded in your hosting account.