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Where can I register a Domain Name

In the old days, domain registration was only available at network solutions and the cost for registering a domain name is much much more costly than now, the domain registration business was later open up and more and more competitors has entered the domain name registration market, the cost to register a domain name has dropped substantially.

If you do a search of "domain registration" at any search engines, you will notice there are a long list of domain registration provider available for you to choose, some offer top level domain name registrations, and some has extended their offers to ccTLDs registrations.

Domain registration is a simple process, all you need is an active credit card and figure out a good name for your website and you can select one of the domain registration provider of your choice and check if your desired domain is available for registration, if it is available you can proceed on to submit payment and the domain will then be registered under your ownership after 24-72 hours. Please take note that domain ownership is on yearly basis, and you can renew the ownership of the domain name with single to multi-year payment, just be sure that you do not miss the renewal, otherwise the domain will be released back to public pool where anyone can register the domain again.

If you are ready to own a domain name, perhaps you can consider our domain name registration service, it is affordable and the domain manager is easy and user friendly. If your desired domain name is not available, there are suggestions for alternative domain names for you to consider. You can register all officially available TLDs without problem.