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What website can Drupal build ?

Drupal is a highly modular content management framework, unlike conventional content management system which has lots of limitation and customization barriers, Drupal is flexible and core coding is kept clean, additional functionality or customization is actually done by creating a piece of customized code to 'overwrite' the core piece of code of the module that needed the additional function. Drupal has successfully separate the content management layer and the content presentation layer, this makes life much more easier for programmers and designers.

Drupal is so flexible that it can build different types of websites without much problem, to name some of the possibilities :-

  • Community portal
  • Corporate Presence website
  • Personnel blog or Community Blog website
  • Discussion website
  • Directory resources website
  • E-commerce website
  • Intranet application
  • Web 2.0 Social Networking website
  • and more than you can imagine

There are thousands of active contributors to extend drupal's functionalities by creating addon modules, these addon modules further extend the possibilities of Drupal's capability of building serious applications and websites.

To help you understand more of what Drupal can build, here is a small list of the popular websites built with Drupal :-