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installing local language pack for e107 Tutorial

Prefer a local language e107 website? no problem, e107 has most of the popular local language pack ready, these are contributions from the members. Please note that there are some difference between e107 versions and therefore you should select the language pack that is compatible to your current version.

Below are details of installing the e107 language pack :-

  1. Download the language pack from official e107 site
  2. Uncompress and FTP upload the expanded folder to your hosting account, place the new language folder in the e107_languages folder (i.e. e107_languages/new_language/)
  3. Login to your e107 administration screen, click on Admin > Settings > Language and select the newly uploaded language as default language
  4. Please note that the language pack covers all the core e107 functions, you may need to manually apply localization to plugins, themes