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e107 Plugin installation Tutorial

e107 is highly customizable and it is modular, that makes live much easier for both the user and developer, there is an official website serve as the library for e107 plugins, and there are active participation from members towards the plugins development.

Before installing plugins to your e107 website, there are certain things that you should be take note of :-

  • Do not install too many plugins, only essential and needed plugins otherwise you will have a hard time during upgrades
  • Check through the popularity of the selected plugins before install, more popular plugins tends to get more attention from the community and generally well maintained, installing a not so popular plugins may face problem in future upgrades should the plugin contributor decide to stop maintaining it
  • If you are not familiar with programming, try not to have plugins that requires modification to the core files, otherwise you will have a hard time during upgrades

Installing a e107 plugin is not a very difficult task, below are the details of the simple process :-

  1. Download the desired plugins from e107 plugin library
  2. Uncompress the file and go through the readme file if there is any and understand the process, follow the setup instruction if there are additional steps to setup the plugin that is not covered here
  3. FTP upload the expanded folder to the hosting account, place the folder in the e107_plugins folder (i.e. e107_plugins/new_plugin/)
  4. Check if the plugins are functioning as expected, if not check the readme file again to see if you have missed any steps that is required to activate the plugins, certain plugins may require additional steps to install the plugin