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e107 theme installation Tutorial

Changing a e107 theme is not a very difficult task, there are ready made free e107 themes available contributed by the e107 community, all you need is to download the desired theme that is compatible with your current e107 version, upload it to the appropriate folder, set it as default theme and you have your e107 website a new look within minutes. Below detail out the process :-

  1. Download a desired theme from the e107 theme library
  2. Uncompress the the file and FTP upload the expanded theme folder to your hosting account, place the new theme folder in the e107_themes (i.e. e107_themes/new_theme/)
  3. login to your e107 administration screen, click in to Tools -> Theme Manager, the newly upload theme will be listed in the Available Themes, select the new theme and click Set As Site Theme
  4. This will setup the new theme as default theme to your e107 website