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Change Email Account Password

Passwords are sensitive data and should be changed periodically to avoid being made known to unauthorized personnel, people who got hold of your email password can use your email account to send out unsolicited email messages, phishing email messages to your clients etc. which can caused serious damages to your business. Therefore, it is recommended to reset your email password regularly to minimize the danger of being a victim of such internet crime that is growing daily.

Changing email account passwords is a quick and easy process, it only takes you less than 5 minutes. There are two separate process :-

Change email account password at hosting account control panel

You will have to first login to your web hosting account control panel to change the server side password for your email account, please follow steps below :-

  1. Login to your website hosting account control panel.
  2. Select the Mail option in control panel.
  3. Select the Add/Manage/Remove Account link to bring up the list of currently active email accounts for your domain
  4. Notice there is a Change Password button next to each of the email accounts, click that button next to the email account you want to reset password
  5. In the Change Password screen, enter the new password for the email account and click OK to save the password

Change email account password at email client

After changing the email account password at the server side, you will need to also update the change in your email client, otherwise you will get a 'password incorrect error' when trying to access the email account. Please refer to the help section of your email client for the proper steps on changing email account password settings.