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Configure Email Autoresponder

Email autoresponder is useful when you want to give a quick and general short reply to the message sender when the message is received on a certain email account. For example, you want to send a short "Thank you" note when a sales enquiry email is received. People also use the email autoresponder to notify message sender of a vacation break and perhaps an alternate channel to reach him/her if it is an urgent matter.

To setup an email autoresponder, please follow steps below :-

  1. Login to your website hosting account control panel
  2. Click Mail and then Auto-responder to enter the setup screen.
  3. Click Add auto-responder to bring up the entry form.
  4. In the Email field, enter email username (left portion of '@' of email address) and select the domain for the email address from the drop down box. This email address is the email address that you wish to setup autoresponder.
  5. In the From field, enter the display name for the email address above.
  6. In the Subject field, enter the subject line for the email autoresponder message.
  7. In the Character set drop down box, select the appropriate character set of the message you are about to compose.
  8. Checked or Unchecked the HTML message check box depending on your autoresponder message.
  9. Enter your autoresponder message in the body text box.
  10. Click Create/Modify to setup the autoresponder.

Test the email autoresponder by sending a message to the email address with the autoresponder setup, check and see if you are receiving the email autoresponder.