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Configuring Default Catch-all Email

Catch-all email address is an email address that will be the target destination for all messages sending to non-existing email address on your domain. When mail server has received a message that is designated to an email address that does not exist on your domain, it will be delivered to the catch-all email address of your domain.

Default catch-all email address is the login username of your hosting account (username that login to control panel, FTP etc.), you can change the catch-all email address if you want to. To configure catch-all email address please follow steps below :-

  1. Login to your domain hosting account control panel
  2. Select Mail and then Default Address to enter the catch-all email maintenance screen, a list of default catch-all email address for all domains in your hosting account is listed.
  3. Click Set Default Address link at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Select the domain name you wish to change default catch-all email address from the drop down box, and enter the new email address in the empty field.
  5. Click Change to submit the changes.

There is a special option :fail: that you can enter to replace a default catch-all address, this special option instruct the mail server to deny messages sending to non-existing email address.

NOTE: It is recommended to use :fail: over :blackhole: to help ease the mail server load. Therefor, if you wish mail server to discard messages sending to non-existing email account, please use :fail:.

A word of advice, if you intend to setup catch-all email address, please ensure to check the mailbox periodically to ensure there is always free space in the inbox quota for new messages.