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Configure Email Domain Forwarding

It is possible to forward email messages to email addresses on one domain to identical email addresses on another domain. You can achieve similar result by setting up an email forwarder for each of the email addresses, but that may involve quite some work of there is a long list of email addresses and domains to work with. By using this email domain forwarding tool, you might just be able to save some valuable time for doing something else.

To setup email domain forwarding, please follow steps below :-

  1. Login to your website hosting account control panel
  2. Select Mail and then Email Domain Forwarding to bring up the setup screen.
  3. Front the domain name drop down box, select the domain name that you wish to setup forwarding for all it's email addresses. This domain list shows all the addon/parked domains and subdomains that is currently setup in your website hosting account.
  4. In the empty field next to the drop down box, enter the target domain name. Please double check to ensure the name is entered correctly or else your domain forwarding may fail.
  5. Click Add domain Forwarder to complete the setup.

Test your setup thoroughly by sending email messages to email addresses on each of the domain name to ensure it is functioning as expected.