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Configure Email Forwarding

Email forwarding is an instruction to instruct mail server to send the messages received on a particular email address to another email address specified by the user. Email forwarding is usually used to consolidate email messages from various email addresses to a commonly used email account easier for the user to read and reply. Email forwarding rules are for individual email address, unlike the Email Domain Forwarding which forward all email for all email addresses in a domain to identical email addresses on another domain name.

To setup email forward for an email account, please follow steps below :-

  1. Login to your website hosting account control panel.
  2. Select Mail and then Email Forwarders to enter the email forwarding setup screen.
  3. enter the email username (i.e. left portion of '@' sign in your email address) that you intend to setup forwarding instruction.
  4. Select the domain name for the email address entered from the center drop down box.
  5. Enter the destination email address in the last empty field.
  6. Click Add Forwarder to save the forwarding rule.

NOTE: If you are forwarding a real POP3 email account rather than an email alias, please do take note that mail server will actually send a copy of the messages received to the destination, the original email message is still save in the real POP3 email account. If you are forwarding an email alias, than there will be no email saved in the email alias as email alias is not a real POP3 email account and it does not have an inbox.