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Email Security Measure

Email is an important communication tool in todays life, people with bad intention has been trying to find ways to get their messages to your inbox. We have seen viruses as attachments, phishing messages trying to get your bank account passwords, numerous numbers of unsolicited advertising messages etc. daily when we open up the email account inbox, and valuable time is spent on screening and deleting these messages. Although there are many programs like virus scan that can help us filter messages as and when the arrive, it is our responsible to minimize the exposure of our email accounts to these bad people.

We can take the following precautions to reduce the risk of getting our email accounts being a target of spamming :-

  • Do not place your email address in public web pages, there are email harvester crawling web pages to grab email address.
  • Keep your computer virus scan updated, this can minimize trojan virus entering your computer and making your computer a virus broadcasting station.
  • Do not open email messages that contain executable files, virus generally travel through executable files.
  • Do not reply to messages with promotional subject, title like "You have won lottery" etc. these are usually scam messages.
  • Double check before reply to messages requesting sensitive info, banks generally do not practice requesting sensitive info through email, and the links in these email messages usually point to some suspicious address.
  • If your email client offer phishing screening, activate it for double protection.