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Remove Email Account

Occasionally, you may want to re-organise your email addresses setup, deleting old email addresses and setup new email accounts, especially when there is increasing number of spam messages in your inbox daily, removing an email address that has been well distributed to your friends and clients may not be a good idea, but replacing an email address that is used on collecting enquiries from the website contact form can help reduce the time taken to clear spam messages daily.

You can follow simple steps below to remove email accounts :-

  1. Login to your website hosting account control panel
  2. Click on the Mail option to bring up the list of email management screen
  3. Choose Add/Manage/Remove Accounts from the list of email management options
  4. Hit Delete button shown on the right side of the email account that you wish to remove.

Note: Please ensure you have downloaded all email messages in the email account inbox before deleting the email account, the process cannot be recovered and any messages in the inbox will be permanently removed after the deletion process.