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Restore and Backup Outlook Express Tutorial

Outlook express does not have a one click option for restore and backup data within outlook express, data such as messages, contact email addresses, account settings etc. will need to be backup or restore individually. Below explain the process in detail.

Preparing a backup folder in your computer

Since we will be doing the backup individually, we will need a centralized location for storing the backup files, in your windows PC, create an empty folder and name it oebackup (or any name of your choice).

Backup email messages

Outlook express store email messages in .dbx file in th outlook express folder, you will need to find the path to this folder in order to backup all the .dbx file that contains your stored email messages. Here is what to do :-

  1. In your outlook express, click Tools -> Options -> Maintenance -> Store Folder
  2. There will be a small window show up with a path to the current outlook express store folder, highlight and copy the path to your clipboard
  3. click Cancel to close all outlook express window
  4. In your windows desktop, click Start and then Run, then paste in the path you have just copied out, then hit OK
  5. A window will show up with the files in the path you have just entered, all these files are your outlook stored messages, highlight all of them and copy it to your oebackup folder
  6. You have just completed backing up your outlook messages in to the oebackup folder

Backup contact email addresses

Backup contact email address is a little different, all your contact email addresses are stored in a .wab file, what we need to do is export the content of this file into a .csv file. To do this :-

  1. open up your outlook express
  2. click File ->Export->Address Book
  3. Select Text File (Comma Separated Values), and then click Export
  4. click Browse and then select the oebackup folder and then type in a backup filename for this contact email addresses and click Save
  5. Click Next and then select the check boxes for the fields that you want to export out (click all if you are unsure), then click Finish
  6. Click OK and the contact email addresses is exported out to the backup file

Export Mail account settings

If you have setup a long list of email addresses of your own, a backup file can save you a lot of time during recreation process, here are steps to backup the mail account settings :-

  1. In outlook express, click Tools -> Accounts
  2. in the Mail tab, highlight the mail account and click Export
  3. In the Save in box, select the oebackup folder and then click Save
  4. Unfortunately, you will need to repeat the above steps for each email account individually

restore email messages

If you have follow the above steps to backup your outlook email messages, you can follow steps below to restore them :-

  1. in outlook express, click File -> Import ->Messages
  2. Select either Microsoft outlook express 5 /6 depending on your backup and then click Next
  3. click import mail from an OE5 / OE6 store directory and then click OK
  4. click Browse and then click to your outlook express backup folder, which in this case it is oebackup
  5. click OK and then Next
  6. click All folders, and then Next, and Finish
  7. Done

Import address book file

Import address book backup (in CSV format) is quite straight forward, just follow this steps :-

  1. In outlook express, click File and then Import, click Other Address book
  2. click Text File (Comma Separated Values) and then Import
  3. click Browse and select the backup folder (in this case, it is oebackup) and then the address book backup file (in .csv format), then click Open
  4. click Next and then Finish
  5. click OK and then Close

Import mail account settings

Restore all your mail account settings is just a few clicks, just follow steps below :-

  1. In outlook express, click Tools and then Accounts
  2. in the Mail tab, click Import
  3. select the mail backup folder and click the individual mail account setting backup file, then click open
  4. repeat steps above till all the accounts are restored
  5. Click Close