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Email Protection Spamassassin

Cpanel offer a powerful open source email spam protection program Spamassassin, it is an email message scanning and filtering that operates backend in the email server, it will be serving as a layer of spam protection for all your email accounts on your domain if enabled.

Messages scanned and failed to pass the tests will be tagged as ***SPAM*** in the email subject line. You can opt. to delete messages tagged or instruct spamassassin to filter them to a specific mailbox called spambox, which you can access and remove them manually.

Spamassassin is turned off be default, to enable it on your domain hosting account, please follow steps below:-

  • Login to your website hosting account control panel and click on Mail
  • In the Mail screen, select Spamassassin option.
  • In the Spamassassin screen, click the Enable Spamassassin button to enable the scanning.
  • If you wish to send messages tag as SPAM by spamassassin to the spambox, click the Enable Spambox button.
    NOTE: Please note that you should check the spambox daily and empty it when done, otherwise the spambox will grow in size causing disk quota error.
  • If you notice Spamassassin is not tagging your messages as expected (i.e. too loose or too strict), you can try making changing to the configuration options in Configure Spamassassin. Please note that you should have good working knowledge on making these changes otherwise you may risk yourself in loosing messages in your inbox.

For a thorough understanding of Spamassassin, you can check the official Spamassassin website.