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Tracing an email address

If you want to print out the path of an email address right from the sending mail server to the mail server where your account resides, you can do so by using the Tracing an Email address tool available in your website hosting account control panel. For non-technical personnel, this email route may not serve much info but it is useful for server administrators or network engineers to debug technical issues related to emailing.

To print the email path, please follow steps below:-

  1. Login to your domain hosting account control panel
  2. Select Mail and then Trace and Email link to bring up the tool.
  3. Enter an external email address in the empty field and click Show Route
  4. A graphical route is printed on screen showing all the mail server involve in delivering message from the specified email address to your server.
    • NOTE: You should not enter an email address of your domain currently reside in this current server, as it will not be printing out any route info since deliveries are only involved this local mail server