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Using web based email client

There are generally two options for accessing email messages in your email account inbox, one is through setting up email client installed in your PC or notebook to access your email account inboxes, popular email clients are Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird etc.

Another method is to access your email account inboxes through a web based email client, where you only need a working web browser and an active internet connection to check your email account inboxes, similar to those free email accounts that you have been using before.

Cpanel offers three different open source web based email client in your web hosting account that you can use to access your email account inboxes. To access these web based email client, simply enter :-


Hit enter and a window pop-up requesting for a login username and password, enter FULL Email Address (i.e. myname@mydomain.com) as login name, and the password associated with the email account to login. If the authentication passes, you will be presented with three web based email client to choose from ( Horde, Neomail, SQuirrelMail), select one of your choice and you will be presented with the selected program screen with the email account inboxes fetched in for you.

NOTE: If you get a connection error without seeing a pop-up window requesting for login info, please double check if you have any program (i.e. firewall/virusscan etc.) in your PC/Notebook or LAN network that is blocking access to port 2095. If so, you will need to make some changes so that traffic from port 2095 is not blocked as webmail on server is communicating through this port.