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File Transfer Protocol

1. What is the meaning of File Transfer Protocol (FTP)?
2. How do I FTP my website to my hosting account?
3. What is "anonymous" FTP?
4. What kind of FTP client program is good and where can I get them?
5. Which folder in my hosting account should I upload my website to ?
6. I see some files already present in my hosting account what are those files doing in my folder ?
7. Why I cannot change or view other folders ?
Basic WS_FTP Program Tutorial

Basic Cute FTP Program Tutorial

1. File Transfer Protocol (FTP), is the standard protocol used for transferring files remotely between two computers (i.e from a PC to a web server, or from a web server to a PC). By using a FTP program, you can upload/download files in ASCII or binary format, depending on the type of files you are transferring. Like other services in the web server, FTP service is available 24/7 for your use and each domain hosting account has its own FTP web space.

2. You can easily FTP login to your hosting account by using either the IP address of your website or by using the subdomain format (i.e ftp.yourdomain.com). Please note that your hosting account IP address was assigned when you your hosting account was initially setup during the signup process, and can be found in the login info email you received, or you can login to your hosting account control panel (http://www.yourdomain.com/cpanel) to check for it. When you connect to your website, you are required to provide your username and password, for security purposes.


3. Anonymous FTP (i.e. guest login without password) allows anyone to upload to your public FTP web space but disallowing them access to the private web space. By default, each domain hosting account comes with anonymous FTP capabilities, this option is not turned on by default for security concern. To enable Anonymous FTP for your domain, login to your hosting account control panel at (http://www.yourdomain.com/cpanel), Click on FTP Manager and then Anonymous FTP option and click Install AnonFTP. Your users can then FTP into your domain hosting account using a username of 'anonymous' and their email address, users can then upload or download files freely after login to the public FTP web space.

4. There are many FTP programs available, here are two commonly used FTP clients: WS_FTP (either the Light Edition, which is free for non-commercial use or the Pro version) or CuteFTP. WS_FTP is available from Ipswitch, and CuteFTP can be downloaded at Tucows, where you can also find other FTP clients.


5. When using an FTP program to upload files to your hosting account, you should upload files into the folder 'public_html' or the 'www' folder, both the folders will be the same no matter which you choose as they are both pointing to the same area in your hosting account. You can create subfolders under the main folder (public_html) if you wish to have a more organized website structure.

6. There are some system related folders created when your hosting account is setup or when you enable Anonymous FTP. These include mail, public_ftp, etc and the tmp, there is also a cgi-bin folders in the public_html. These system related folders contain other files and programs that are needed by the web server to function properly, please do remember to leave them as they are in your domain hosting account. If you are unsure what a particular file or folder is needed for, please contact support at http://helpdesk.dotservant.com/.


7. For security purposes, you cannot move out of the root folder of your own domain, as there are many users in the same web server and each of them will have their own private web space, only web server administrator will be able to move freely in the web server.