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Configure CuteFTP connection

CuteFTP is a popular FTP client that has been around for a long time, the company who develop the program has expanded the FTP related product into FTP server software, enterprise level FTP solution deployment and various FTP clients for different platform and needs. Generally, there are two different license, you can try the program by downloading the trial license package and decide if you want to purchase a full license for the package later.

It is a simple process to setup CuteFTP for accessing your hosting account, below are steps to setup the FTP session profile in CuteFTP that you can call up to reuse whenever you need to FTP login to your hosting account :-

  1. Download CuteFTP program from CuteFTP download site and install it in your computer
  2. After the installation, start CuteFTP and call up the File -> Connection Wizard setup screen
  3. In the first screen, enter a label for this connection profile, you might just want to enter your domain name here. Click Next when done.
  4. In the second screen, enter the FTP server that your are connecting to in this connection profile, you can enter yourdomain.com or ftp.yourdomain.com, both are pointing to the same IP address of your hosting account. Click Next when done.
  5. In the third screen, enter the FTP username and password to connect to the FTP server enter in second screen. This info is found in your login info email when you first sign up your hosting account.
    Note: Please ensure to enter (username@yourdomain.com) as the FTP username (yes, it looks like and email address), this helps the FTP server to distinguish similar FTP username on different domain names in the same server.
  6. In the forth screen, enter the default local folder name , you can enter the folder name in your computer that you have all the files for this domain name.
  7. You have completed the connection profile setup. You can call up this connection profile whenever you launch CuteFTP in your computer, the profile resides on the left pane of the CuteFTP window.

For a more comprehensive documentation and help on using CuteFTP program, you can refer to the CuteFTP support site.