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Configuring FileZilla connection

FileZilla is a popular FTP program especially to the Mozilla or Firefox community, the program is released under open source license, which means it is FREE to download and use.

Although it is a freely available program, it has most of the features needed for daily FTP upload and download and most importantly, it is quite stable for transferring large number of files. In terms of usability, it is on par with many top class paid license FTP programs available on the internet. The only thing that is currently lacking is a connection profile management, which means you are not able to setup multiple save multiple connection profile in the program and call up when needed, you are required to enter the connection info every time you need to connect to an FTP server. This creates a little uneasy for web developers that requires to frequently connect to different servers.

Similar to most FTP client, setting up the FTP connection is an easy task, below are steps for the establishing an FTP connection :-

  1. Download and install the program from Filezilla site
  2. Launch the FileZilla program in your computer after installation completes successfully.
  3. At the top connection bar enter the following :-
    • Address: Enter yourdomain.com or ftp.yourdomain.com or IP Address
    • Username: Enter FTP username in the format of (username@yourdomain.com)
    • Password: Enter the password for the FTP username
    • Port: Let it default to 21
  4. Hit Connect and FileZilla will attempt to connect using the FTP login info just entered.

For details on the using the program and other configuration options in the program, please check the Official FileZilla documentation