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FTP Account Management

When your hosting account is setup, you have one FTP account setup by default for your hosting account, which is the username that you use to login to your hosting account control panel, this is the master FTP account for your hosting account. To change password for this master FTP account, just login to hosting account control panel, click on Change password and it will change both the password for login to control panel as well as the password associated with the master FTP account.

Apart from the master FTP account, you can setup additional FTP accounts and designate a default folder for each of the FTP accounts, when a default folder is assigned to the FTP account, the FTP user will not be able to navigate to other folders above of the designated folder. This is useful if you are the team leader of a group project, by having each team member a designated FTP account and default folder, this will keep your project files well organized and less chances of being accidentally overwritten by other team members.

To setup and manage additional FTP accounts, please follow steps below :-

  1. Login to hosting account control panel
  2. Select FTP Manager and FTP Accounts to bring up the FTP account management screen
  3. Select Add FTP Account link at the bottom of the screen.
  4. In the Add FTP Account screen, enter the appropriate values in respective fields :-
    • Login : ftp username you are setting up now
    • Password : password your are giving for the ftp username above
    • Directory : the designated folder you are allowing this ftp user to access. Please note the user wil have access to this folder and all the subfolders below this folder, the user is not able to navigate above this folder. Be extra careful if you are giving access to public_html folder, this means this FTP user will be able to access everything in this folder which you may not want to.
  5. Click Create when filled up the fields.

Change password and remove additional FTP accounts

After an additional FTP account is created, it will be listed in the FTP Manager -> FTP Accounts screen, there are Change password and Delete button next to each of the FTP account, this options allows you to change password or delete the FTP account if needed.