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Issues to note when FTP upload and download

There are some notes to consider when performing FTP upload and download :-

  • Be sure to upload your files to the public_html folder in your hosting account, this is the folder web server will look for files to serve when receiving a request of your domain name from browser
  • Be sure you have a index.htm (or other valid file extension such as html, php, shtml) in your public_html folder, this is the initial file web server will try to locate in your hosting account when serving requests on your domain.
  • If you are entering yourdomain.com or ftp.yourdomain.com as FTP hostname, the domain name must be fully resolved to the hosting account otherwise you will get connection issue. Alternatively, use IP address of your hosting account as FTP hostname.
  • When uploading ASCII file, especially perl and cgi scripts, be sure to set the transfer mode to ASCII mode instead of AUTO or BINARY. This can prevent the script from getting corrupted with hidden binary codes after transfer where the web server compiler does not know how to handle and causes error code 500 when the script is called.
  • If you are behind a firewall or router, set the FTP connection mode to PASSIVE mode or PASV mode can help getting a more stable connection and prevent frequent connection drop when transferring a large list of files.