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FTP Session Management

When you have a list of FTP users setup in your hosting account, you may want to know from time to time who is connected to the hosting and that if they are properly closing the connection after use, as leaving a computer on with a FTP connection idle may risk your files in hosting account being tempered by someone else. As a hosting account administrator, you may want monitor FTP sessions in your account and force a disconnect to a long idle FTP connection.

To show the current FTP sessions and disconnect idle connections, please follow steps blow :-

  1. Login to hosting account control panel
  2. Select FTP Manager and FTP session control to bring up the session management screen
  3. In the screen, you will find currently connected FTP sessions, the FTP username that is connecting, total connection time and if the session is currently active or idle
  4. If you feel that the session should be terminated, you can click on the Disconnect next to the session
  5. Note: Please be sure you are not disconnecting an active connection, you may caused the half way transferring file corrupted.