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Gallery 2 plugin installation Tutorial

Modules are named plugins in gallery 2.2+ and there is an easy to install interface as compared to the manual way of installing modules. All the plugin management is now group in the Site Admin > Plugins option, you can download, install, activate, de-activate, uninstall, delete plugins through the same interface easily. This helps a lot for non-tech person to manage gallery website much more easily.

Below detail out the plugin installation process :-

  1. Login to your gallery administration screen and click Site Admin > Plugins
  2. check through the list of plugins and select the one you need to install, you may want to also check the specific plugins at the official website for members discussions etc. to understand better what the plugin is all about, if you are just testing out the plugin, it is advised that you setup a test gallery site to test out before installing it in your live gallery website
  3. If you have decided to install the plugin, click install next to the plugin name to install the plugin
  4. Next, click activate to activate the plugin in your gallery website
  5. The plugin is now activated and you can set the configuration setting for this plugin

Installing user contributed modules

Apart from the official plugins, Gallery offer a library of user contributed plugins that you can install in your gallery program. Please take note that these user contributed plugins are maintain by the contributor themselves and gallery development team is not responsible to validate these third party plugins, you should be extra careful when installing these plugins in your website, be sure to check thoroughly at the official forum for the desired plugins, it is advisable to pick the plugins that is popular among users and there is a history of good maintenance program, you don't want to get stuck in future upgrades when the contributor decided to stop support the not so popular plugin.

To install these user contributed plugins, please follow steps below :-

  1. Login to your gallery administration screen, click on Site Admin > Plugins
  2. click Get More Plugins and then Show Repository List
  3. checked Community Plugins and click Save
  4. Click Download Plugin List to retrieve a new listing of all plugins including the user contributed plugins
  5. There is now a listing of the user contributed plugins, locate the plugin you want to install and click download link next to it
  6. Select the Official Release Repository and click Update
  7. Select the language from the list for this plugin and then click Update
  8. The new plugin is now downloaded to your gallery program, you can follow the plugin installation process above to install and activate the plugin in your gallery website