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Gallery 2 theme installation Tutorial

Gallery has standardized the plugins and theme installation process, installing theme in gallery 2.2+ is very much similar to the plugin installation. User contributed theme that is registered at the Gallery community repository can be installed this way too.

Getting user contributed theme listing

You can follow the process of obtaining the user contributed modules if you have not setup your gallery to query the community server for the list of user contributed plugins, as well as themes. Please note that different version of Gallery may introduce different changes to theme, you should double check at the official gallery forum for any issues with the desired user contributed theme, this is to ensure there is no problem to install it in your current gallery version. Please also take note that Gallery development team is not responsible to rectify and correct these third party contributed themes and it is the contributor's responsible to update the theme.

Below detail the process of installing a new theme in your gallery :-

  1. Login to your gallery administration screen, click on Site Admin > Plugins
  2. In the theme listing, locate the desired theme and click install, follow by activate to get the theme registered and activated in your gallery program
  3. Click Site Admin > Themes and in the default theme option, set the new theme as the default theme to your gallery website
  4. Done