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Gallery 2 upgrade Tutorial

Upgrading gallery 2 is as simple as installing it, you can follow steps below to get your gallery 2 program upgraded properly in minutes.

Preparing for upgrade

Gallery is in active development and there are changes that you must made known of before attempt to upgrade your Gallery program.

Core Gallery program check

You should first check your current version of Gallery program, and visit the official Gallery website to check for the changes that is introduced in the latest release, you must ensure your web server is ready for the latest Gallery program (for example, PHP 4 to PHP 5 support).

Third party modules / themes compatibility

There are some significant changes in Gallery 2 and later versions that requires changes in third party modules and themes in order to work properly in the new Gallery program, if you are using any third party modules and themes in your Gallery program, you must first check through their status at the official website to ensure it is compatible or require new version to be install after you have the Gallery program upgraded, this is important as there is no point rushing in to the core program upgrade while your important modules or even the website theme is not able to function well after the upgrade.

Backup mysql database and Gallery program folder

After ensuring the web server and all your gallery related modules and themes are ok for the upgrade, you can start preparing for the actual upgrade. First, backup mysql database and the gallery program folder from your hosting account, this is important as this backup ensure you have a working copy of your gallery website in case there anything turn bad during the upgrade, you can quickly restore back this backup.

Running the upgrade

After ensuring all preparation are done, you can proceed on to the actual upgrade :-

  1. set your gallery to maintenance mode (available in 2.1 above), edit the config.php in your Gallery program folder, and look for the line :-

    $gallery->setConfig('mode.maintenance', true);

  2. visit the official gallery 2 website and download the latest full gallery zip file
  3. Uncompress the file and go through the readme file in the distribution to have a detail understanding of the new features being introduced and what are the things you should take note of in an upgrade
  4. When you have fully understand the process, start FTP upload the expanded gallery folder to your hosting account, place it in the exact place where your existing gallery program folder is, so that the new files will replace all old files
  5. Open up your browser and enter the URL to the upgrade folder http://www.yourdomain.com/gallery2/upgrade/ to start the upgrader program
  6. Go through the message in the screen carefully
  7. In step 2, ensure the Gallery file integrity check are shown Success, if there are lots of errors, that is likely you have download a wrong file from gallery website, you should visit gallery official website and download the full complete file and start the upgrade process again
  8. The following upgrade process is pretty straight forward, just go through the message on screen and act accordingly, you will reach the end of the upgrade process.
  9. When you have completed the upgrader process and return to your gallery home page, you should check and install all those third party modules and themes that require update after the gallery core program upgrade
  10. Double check your Gallery website to ensure all are functioning as expected
  11. edit your config.php and reset the maintenance mode back to live to allow others to view your gallery website again