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What is Joomla ?

Joomla is a new generation content management system that is used to build websites, unlike conventional CMS that is some what limited to only able to build certain type of websites and difficult to make any modifications, a new generation CMS like Joomla allow much more flexibilities and possibilities in terms of website building and customizations. Joomla is released under GPL which is free to download and use.

Joomla basic core program allow users to quickly setup small sites like article based website. If you are a demanding webmaster and prefer to offer more in your website, there are thousands of extensions / plugins contributed by the active community that can add extra features to the Joomla core allowing you to offer more interesting stuff on your website. If you want to change the look and feel of your Joomla website, you do not need to touch the Joomla core program for making the changes, the presentation layer is separated from the core and the great news is it is template based, which means you only need to change HTML codes in the template or just tweak the CSS style sheet to change the look and feel of your website. If you are lazy enough or just not feeling like web designing, there are thousands of contributed free Joomla templates for you to choose from. More importantly, installing plugins and templates are very easy, just download, upload, activate and you are ready to go.

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