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Mambo Installation guide

Mambo offer a quick and easy installation process to get the program up and running quickly, for manually setting up mambo in a cpanel hosting account, there are few extra steps required before running the mambo installation script, below outline the installation steps :-

Setup MySQL database

First thing to do is to prepare your cpanel hosting account with an empty mysql database, you can refer to setup mysql database for the details on getting the mysql database setup, remember to write down the database name, mysql user and the password hat is needed for the mambo setup process later.

Preparing mambo files

After setting up the mysql database and have the connection info written down, you can now proceed on the prepare the mambo files :-

  1. Visit Mambo core files download site and select either the .tar.gz or .zip version and download it to your computer.
  2. Extract the compressed file, then upload the uncompressed files to the appropriate folder in your hosting account, if you want to access mambo by http://yourdomain.com/ then place the files in public_html folder, if you want to access mambo by http://yourdomain.com/mambo then place the files in a public_html/mambo/.

Run mambo installation script

When the files are placed properly in your hosting account, open up a browser window and point the URL to the folder where mambo files are placed, i.e http://yourdomain.com or http://yourdomain.com/mambo/ depending where you have placed the files. This will start the mambo installation process Step 1-4.

  • Step 1
  • Mambo will first check the php settings of your web server to see if there is anything required by mambo not currently set, you will have to adjust the php settings if necessary, generally this is not needed as the web server is properly configured for mambo.
  • Mambo will also check if there is enough permission for all files and folders in the mambo folder, you may need to make changes to accordingly, and you can refer to change files and folders permissions for details on making these changes in a cpanel hosting account.
  • fter agreeing to the GNU License, you will be asked to enter the mysql connection information, use the info written down earlier during the setup mysql process to place in the appropriate fields :-
    • Host Name : enter localhost if the MySQL database resided on the same server where the mambo files are located, otherwise enter remote_ip if the MySQL database is located on a remote server.
    • MySQL Username: enter username_mysqlusr as shown in the mysql database setup screen in Cpanel
    • MySQL Password: enter the password you have set earlier for the mysql user given above.
    • Verify MySQL Password: enter the mysql password one more time to confirm.
    • MySQL database Name: enter username_dbname as shown in the cpanel mysql setup screen after you setup the mysql database
    • MySQL Table Prefix: Leave it as mos_
  • Click Next when done
  • Step 2
  • Enter a name for your mambo site in the Site Name field
  • Click Next
  • Step 3
  • Leave the URL and Path at their default values. Enter your mambo site contact email in E-Mail field. Copy down the randomly generated Admin Password as you will need it for later login to the admin screen for further setting up the mambo program.
  • Click Next
  • Step 4
  • Fill in the opional form as you wish and remove the mambo installation folder.
  • Mambo is now ready for action.