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Changing and Installing Moodle Theme Tutorial

Installing and changing theme for your moodle website is a fairly easy task, there are basically two options you can follow, one is manually modify the current theme templates to suit your own, this requires some web design knowledge to accomplish the task. If you are just a normal user using moodle program and does not know much about changing HTML codes, CSS style sheets or PHP codes, the best method is to look for a suitable ready made theme for your website, there are some freely available moodle themes in the official moodle website (www.moodle.org/themes), these themes are contributed by the moodle user base and are released under General public license, which means you can download and use it.

You can follow steps below to download and install free moodle themes :-

  1. visit the free moodle theme database (www.moodle.org/themes) and download the compress file of the theme you like, be sure to download the theme that is compatible with your current moodle version, there are some changes between moodle versions and older themes may need changes too in order to function properly in newer moodle versions
  2. Uncompress the zip file in your PC
  3. FTP Upload the expanded folder and files into your hosting account and place it in the yourmoodlefolder/theme/thisthemename
  4. make sure permissions for the thisthemename folder is set to 755 (CHMOD 755)
  5. Login to your moodle administration screen, and goto

    Administration > Appearance > Themes > Theme selector

    and select the newly installed theme name
  6. Save the changes and you have now installed a new theme to your moodle site !