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Moodle application

Moodle is a specialized CMS, it is known as a "Course Management System" or "Virtual Learning Environment" which can help educators / teachers / lecturers prepare and organize and manage online courses, building online communities for colleges, schools, institutions etc. Key features noted are :-

  • Assignments - organize and prepare homework for students to work on and teachers to check and mark online
  • References - resources lnks to web pages and files for teachers, helps in building courses and topics for students
  • Forum board and chat channel for effective collaboration and interactions.
  • Prepare Quiz to help in fun learning
  • Survey and Questionaire to collect feedback from community, better communication and interaction
  • Wiki for offering a piece of the online portal for members contribution
  • Content - commercial content (SCORM packages)
  • Calendars for group activities scheduling and event management

Moodle is a popular program and there are thousands of sites from around the world currently using Moodle to power their online community, and users around the world has contributed to the massively translated Moodle in their local languages