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Introducing oscommerce

What is osCommerce?

osCommerce is an ecommerce solution for building online shops, it is designed to be flexible for accommodating various different needs and requirements of building online stores and shops that carry different products. oscommerce catalog system can easily setup fix size product such as watches, computer notebook, books etc. as well as product that offer varied sizes such as shoes, T-shirts etc. The system is designed for general users which means it is easy to setup and maintain, anyone with some experience of online browsing can easily get a oscommerce shop setup quickly.

oscommerce is released under GPL General Public License, that means it is free to download and use if you agree to the open source license agreement. oscommerce has been around for many years and well accepted by thousands of users, the core program has gone through many years of testing and upgrades to fine tune the program. For extras there are many contributed plugins from the active community to extend the use of oscommerce. If you are new to the system, there is a library of useful documents to help you familiar with the system.

oscommerce is build with PHP and require MySQL to setup and run the system, our oscommerce hosting plan is a perfect match for running the oscommerce system.