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oscommerce upgrade

Oscommerce is a matured product and there is less frequent upgrades needed, below explain the process of upgrading from version ms1 to ms2, there are several steps involve in the process :-

NOTE: be sure to make a backup of your oscommerce folder and database before doing anything.

  1. download new oscommerce package, extract and FTP upload to a new folder in your hosting account
  2. change file permission for catalog/includes/configure.php to 0777 (CHMOD 0777)
  3. copy database of existing oscommerce database to a new database
  4. copy extra/pr21_to_pr22/ms1_to_ms2.php in new oscommerce program folder to oscommerce root folder, this is the upgrade script that will update the database
  5. enter the URL in browser (http://youroscommercepath/ms1_to_ms2.php), enter the new database name and database login info, hit enter and this script will perform upgrade to the database
  6. test the new installation on your browser to make sure everything is working properly
  7. when everything is working as expected, rename the live oscommerce folder to a backup folder name, and then rename the upgraded and tested oscommerce folder to your live oscommerce folder name
  8. your oscommerce upgrade is done